FVK in English

Finnair Boat Club was founded in 1977 for those employees and retirees of Finnair who are interested in boating. At the moment we have about 200 members.

Club activities are largely based at Halsholmen -island in Porvoo archipelago. There we have rented approximately 5 hectares of the island with platforms and buoys on east and west side of the island enabling docking at almost any weather. The island also has a sauna, a barbeque shelter and two outdoor toilets.

The main event of the summer – Sillis – is held at Halsholmen in mid June. Sillis is intended to all members and activities during the day include sailing competition, tasting of self made fish servings, playful pentathlon, sauna, swimming, good food and a nice time together in the beautiful archipelago.

Other traditional events include a trip to Tallinn at the end of July and a crayfish party in Suomenlinna at the end of August.

Sailing competitions will be held three times in the Helsinki – Porvoo archipelago, as well as an offshore race in connection with the trip to Tallinn. Finnair Boat Club has also sent a team to participate in the annual inter- airline ASCA / WASC Championships.

We wish to welcome all of Finnair to the boat club activities !